Because of the great benefit we personally experienced in our family's health by replacing common wheat with spelt and other ancient grains, we have become avid researchers on the benefits of these lesser-known grains. Below we provide you links to articles, posts, and diets expounding the benefits of spelt, along with brief synopses of each.

As we find new and interesting information on spelt, we will post it here.

PreventDisease.Com article entitled "Replace Spelt With Wheat For Improved Health" Easy to read, informative article on some of the differences between spelt and modern wheat, and the benefits of spelt. (Good for lowering the bad cholesterol known as LDL!)

Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type - the diet created by New York Time's best seling author and doctor, Dr. Peter D'Adamo recommends spelt as the grain of choice for O blood types (“Want a quick and easy way to begin eating Right 4 Your Type - or a way to help others start? Simply replace wheat bread with spelt bread (if you’re blood type O or type A trying to lose weight”).

The Anti-Inflammation Diet  - Dr. Jessica Black studies the connection between diet and chronic inflammation in the body that can cause many types of health problems,. Dr. Black  recommends replacing wheat with spelt explaining that the nutrients in spelt give it anti-inflammatory qualities.

The Low FODMAP diet created in Australia, and now internationally acclaimed to help people who suffer with IBS – recommends spelt as a replacement for wheat.

Spelt and The Eczema Diet (This post suggests that spelt may be good for people with eczema. We have heard this from our customers too!)

Adjuvant Diet to Improve Hormonal and Metabolic Factors Affecting Breast Cancer Diagnosis.(Annals NY Acad Sci. 1089: 110-118 (2006)). (The definition of adjuvant is that which aids in the healing, an auxiliary remedy. The abstract from this article basically states that the American diet is the cause of many of the health problems of this nation, and one of the many recommendations is to replace refined carbohydrates with healthier grains like SPELT!)

Farro In Italy: A Desk Study by Mark Buerelli (This is an interesting article written in 2006, commissioned by the Italian Department of Agriculture on Underutilized Grains, explaining the relationship between spelt and faro.

"Farro is a strictly ethnobotanical concept, deeply rooted in Italian tradition. The term is used exclusively for three cultivated hulled [ANCIENT] wheat species: Triticum monococcum (einkorn), T. dicoccon (emmer) and T. spelta (spelt). Its singularity lies in the fact that the berry or kernel retains its hull or husk during harvest. . . in Italy these three species are known as 'farro piccolo', 'farro medio' and 'farro grande', respectively, meaning small, medium and large." ("Farro in Italy, a Desk Study"by Markus Buerli) All varieties of farro are known for their depth of flavor, impressive nutritional profile and ease of digestibility.



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